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Data Entry Services

There are times when a business when requires to digitize millions of records and manually enter them. That’s when you need professional and accurate data entry support services. is an experienced offshore data entry company having well-trained data entry specialists that guarantee 99 percent data entry accuracy. Availing our services can help you in achieving significant cost savings. We specialize in entering data from printed as well as electronic input sources.

We offer cutting edge services in the domains of Data entry, data mining and data processing.

The foundation of our services start with getting the raw data, process it with the useful information which can be enhanced and influenced by the clients firm to make business opportunities.

We have a team of experts in offering data entry services in diversified sectors to every global client. Our competence is catered with excellent data entry services for an array of sectors within the specified time limit.

We believe in mutual growth and thus are keen on lending efficient services that return high ROI and prompt newly fangled business scopes for our clients. We assure high levels of profitability by providing immaculate and competent services.

We are , one of the best data entry service provider in all over India such as Bangalore , Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, and Chennai, with high quality and accurate results. Our data entry services for legal documents are:

Bangalore data companies

Few of the Major Categories of our Data Entry Services:

  • Insurance Claim Records
  • Shipping Documents
  • Property Related Documents
  • Court Forms
  • Case Details Data Entry
  • Property Documents Into Online Databases
  • Legislation Scans
  • Bare Act & Citations Data Entry/ Data Capture
  • Large Volume Data Process
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Extraction, Tabulation and Digitization
  • Data Entry of Mailing Lists and Labels
  • Sorting and Indexing of Data
  • Management of Document
  • Backup of the Data Provide
  • Divorce Forms

Our Other Data Entry Services like:

  • Data Capture
  • Data Cleansing
  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Copy Paste Services
  • Image Data Entry
  • Document Data Entry
  • Data Processing Services
  • Data Mining
  • Data Analytics Services
  • Data Enrichment & Standardization

Few rationales for outsourcing data entry projects to Data Entry Companies in India :-

  • +2 years of domain expertise
  • Highly dedicated and professional team
  • Swift turnaround time
  • 100% Quality Assurance
  • 99.99% Accuracy in operations
  • Safety, Security & Confidentiality of credentials
  • The diverse portfolio of services and clients
  • Proficiency to meet any volume of a project within deadline
Our USP is the Hassle-free, reliable and Cost-effective solutions, we work on all kinds of projects with various sources and can deliver the high-end outputs within the offered time.

Online Data Entry Companies in India

We offers some amazing online data entry. This has enabled different companies to outsource data entry tasks while being able to control the applications from the end of the line.

By so doing, it is possible for us to directly type into your remote server or application. We make use of state of the art infrastructure to be able to provide our clients with the most secure and best online data entry services they can expect. The firewalls maintained by Our Company are also very strong. This is because we constantly update our antivirus software so that your data can be kept secure and safe.

In addition to this, our internet lines have back up meant that we will be able to provide you with some high-quality typing through the internet with 0 downtimes. Therefore, seeing as Our Company is one of the best data entry companies in Bangalore, India, you can rest assured that you will never be disappointed.

Similarly, Date Entry Companies provides a very high quality of offshore data entry and data conversion Services to all the clients who come to us. It does not matter where in the world our client is located, so long as they can access the internet, we will be able to provide high quality at the lowest cost.

Examples of these services provided by Our Company includes the data entry for documentation and cards into databases located on the internet, the entry of different products from catalogues, data entry for legal documents, entry for the payroll, restaurant menus, rebate coupons, hospital records, online reservation systems and exact updating of property.

To conclude, Our Company is committed to the provision of only the best kind of high-quality services. We adhere to different quality controls with regards to the requirements of a specific project.

online data entry companies India

Offline Data entry

We offer offline data entry services that are both cost and time effective.

Outsourcing our offline data entry services will not need the line to have internet connection since our team of experts can work with entering raw data in the basic word document or spread sheet according to the specifications made by the client.

Our team of experts is able to work under minimum supervision to provide quality work at the agreed time.

Our +2 years of experience at offering these services has made it possible for users to offer our service to legal firms, health care centres, financial and accounting institutions, publishing and advertising firms and also to educational institutions.

We provide a variety of offline data-entry projects. Some of the offline projects that we offer , include offline form processing, data capture, data entry for catalogues, e-books and business cards, data conversion, data collection, and mailing list and images classification.

All of our services are offered with skilled and experienced clerks who have an understanding of what these projects entail and the time factor of each offline project.

Data Mining

These services are mainly used to collect and web scraping services needed to offer the qualified data information helps in analysing and decision making for future competitors.

It is a process where some hidden information is extracted from a large database and is a powerful technology with great potential to help companies and to focus on the most vital information in their data warehouse.

We provide exclusive data mining services to our clients and we take pride in our team of experts for all your data mining needs. The is not in the mining business for the sole purpose of making profits but we offer our clients what they need in terms of customization, feasibility and proper ethics in service delivery.

Many clients have been misled that these services are impossible or are very costly. However, we implement the project at friendly prices so that you can achieve your goals.

Data Processing

We understand the continuous challenges that a business goes through due to the everyday changing business needs. we work towards ensuring that our clients have the best high-quality data processing services of all kinds that are also cost-effective.

Our experience at offering personal services of the utmost integrity makes us the best choice when it comes to offering data entry support services. We ensure that we offer consistent quality and make our deliveries at the then stipulated time frame.

We give our client’s effective ways that will ensure their success at all times. Our team is dedicated and passionate towards data offering customized programming and secured data handling. We do the data processing a night and have the client right on schedule the very next day.

We offer our clients the benefits of having custom solutions for all kinds of data entry projects that are on schedule and specified timeline. Our solutions are all proactive with our team of dedicated staff offering continuous control checks on the quality of the projects.

Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing means to update a database manually or by automatic processing.

A database is the lifeblood of future business, but over time the quality degrades people move house, sadly some die, businesses close and data-entry skills are never good enough to eliminate duplicate entries and we might need to use our database with data cleansing process because sometimes we don’t get all the necessary information that we required.

These Services used for document verifying, validation, checking of the duplication, retrieving, standardization of document and finally updating the data from different sources to process them.

This is used for verifying validate, checking the duplication, retrieving, standardization of document and finally updating the data from different sources to process them.

We have the best team of experts who can reduplicate the database so that people appear in it once only and then use various national databases to remove Gone away, Deceased individuals, add New Mover addresses where people have moved, remove Closed Businesses, append or verify Telephone Numbers and use the main suppression files where people have decided not to receive forms of direct marketing.

For all your digital data entry and processing, try our company for Data Outsourcing. We as a company covers all captured data and verifies to offer complete and accurate information for your data collected.

We are an IT outsourcing company with unique and quality form processing services for your company and organization’s needs. We have the best data entry personnel for both the manual and automated form processing work.

Data Capture

Operating a call center at peak performance, it is essential to gather and analyze structured and unstructured data. For any call center to perform optimally in a competitive market, you need to build a solid reputation by providing high-quality customer service.

To know the success of your efforts, you need call center data and analytics which helps to monitor and improve the services of your call center – right from wait times to employee performance, customer experience, and overall efficiency. The data captured by the call center followed by analytics helps to give a comprehensive and precise picture of your call center.

Data analytics can effective only if only the captured data is accurate. There are several metrics and key performance indicators that ensure continuous improvement and success of a call center. It includes Average Time in Queue, Average Abandonment Rate, Average Handle Time, First Contact Resolution, Tele-caller Absenteeism, Tele-caller Turnover Rate, Schedule Score, and Contact Quality Management Score.

Copy Paste Services

The copy-paste activity is mainly required for businesses, universities, and educational institutions - globally. It involves crucial and critical data like email ids, phone numbers, and addresses that are mainly found in documents and reports.

The information residing in documents and reports is majorly required to be stored effectively for later use. The copy paste data entry service is a cost-effective, error-free, and quick way of gathering important and vital information. It can save any business a lot of their time and manpower indulgence by outsourcing this task to an expert.

Image Data Entry

Images are also data and subjected to the same statistical treatment online experiments. Converting scanned images to a particular format as per the requirements of the client is referred to as image data entry.

Businesses that offer image data entry services can assist you with image capturing, image storing, image keying, and image retrieval. Image data entry services include scanned image data entry, conversion of image to spreadsheet, conversion of image to database, catalogue data entry, scanned legal data entry, book entry, and hand wrote card entry.

Document Data Entry

Data digitizing is crucial in any business for better access and analysis. Document data entry service is a smart option that helps to facilitate the efficiency of operations. Further, it also saves a lot of time and effort required for processing this data.

Document data entry involves working on scanned documents, hard copy digitization, and optical character recognition (OCR) that digitizes data for future access and usage. Availing document data entry services can help you to survey forms, inquire and enrol forms, register documents, insurance documents, research documents, generate law enforcement reports, create warranty cards, and more in a streamlined manner.

Data Analytics Services

Data analytics involves converting raw business data into actionable insights. Using data analytics services in an ever-changing environment, businesses can make quick and data-driven decisions.

Customized analytical services can help businesses to design and implement faster data analysis and reporting, increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and churn rate reduction.

The best data analytics can empower businesses with informed decision-making in several areas that include financial analytics, customer analytics, manufacturing analytics, marketing & sales analytics, asset analytics, HR analytics, and service delivery analytics.

Data Enrichment & Standardization

Data Standardization & Enrichment or more conveniently referred to as DSE ensures the reliability of business spend analyses. It involves compiling global market data from external sources that include diversity and risk. This compiled data is used to validate and enrich suppliers and classify business transactions.

Data enrichment involves adding additional information to existing business contacts for generating a more complete data set. Data standardization is the critical process that organizes data into a specific format allowing it to be used for research, analytics, and sharing methodologies.

Data Conversion

We are all aware of how throughout a computer environment data is encoded in different ways. Converting computer data from one format to another is known as data conversion.

The main purpose of data conversion into a specific format is to make full use of it. Using data conversion techniques hand-written content, audio or video content, images, and printed matter can be converted to a format as required by the client. The different conversion services can include data digitization, data extraction from images, HTML or XML conversion, conversion of hand-written content into electronic format, extracting data from receipts or bills, and so on.

Data Extraction, Tabulation, and Digitization

Data extraction services include internet research and reporting, market research for products and prices, educational search, business information search, and management information search. It also includes a compilation of website lists, email lists, phone lists.

Tabulation involves a systematic and logical presentation of numeric data into rows and columns. It facilitates comparison and statistical analysis. In short, tabulation is a way to place organized data into a tabular form.

Digitization is simply a process to convert information into a digital format. The terms digitization and digitalization can be confusing – while digitization deals with the conversion of data, digitalization involves transforming it.

Data Entry of Mailing Lists and Labels

Mailing List and Mailing Label data entry services involve the identification of the name and address of an addressee and the sender. Creating mailing labels can help companies to generate the names and addresses of their business contacts. This is a time-saver, especially when businesses wish to send a huge volume of mails.

In this digital world, a comprehensive mailing list is a precious possession of any business. Mailing lists enable marketers to generate leads and identify potential customers. Further, mailing lists are also used to send newsletters or product-launch information to prospects and customers.

Outsourcing data entry of mailing lists and labels can help businesses to process tons of data that needs to be delivered quickly and accurately.

Sorting and Indexing of Data

Sorting and indexing are methods for sequentially organizing data in tables. Organizing data can be useful for analytical operations – it brings patterns and anomalies into focus. However, it needs to be noted that the terms – sorting and indexing are different.

Sorting involves arranging data into meaningful order to analyze it more effectively. For example, generating a sales order report by calendar month produces a graph of sales performance.

Indexed data helps to quickly locate data without having to go to every row in a database table when accessing a database table each time. Indexes are created using one or more columns of a database table. Indexed data enables rapid random lookups and efficient access to organized records.

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