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Importance of BPO Outsourcing Companies for All Businesses.

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Why You Should Hire Top BPO Company in India for business process outsourcing services

Satisfaction is a rating. Loyalty is a brand. - Shep Hyken

In an ever-changing and highly competitive business scenario, a lot of businesses - from start-ups to large companies are opting to outsource their processes. This change has come in due to the new and innovative services that are increasingly available today. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) that is a subset of outsourcing is a practice wherein one business hires another business – commonly referred to as the third-party service provider, to perform tasks that need to be successful. This article discusses call centers, the leading ones in India, and how to choose the best.

Understanding Business Process Outsourcing with Examples

Most of us are familiar with the idea of outsourcing business processes but are still not very clear about it and not sure how exactly it can add value to any business. The key to a successful business lies in its ability to identify problems and find innovative solutions to it. But just solving problems is not enough. You have to improve your business processes in anticipation of issues that may arise anytime. Rather than maintaining a status quo, you need to focus on having a continued growth by improving processes within your company.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing – commonly referred to as BPO in short, refers to the practice of hiring another business to perform some of your business processes. This model is today one of the most popular approaches in streamlining a business. But why would any business want to outsource? Well, companies may outsource after realizing and being convinced that it might handle complex business tasks in a more specialized and better way than their in-house staff.

Case Study 1: Payroll is one of the most common tasks carried out in any business, and no business can afford to do without it. And, it’s no surprise that handling payroll has become one of the most commonly carried out tasks by a BPO. By outsourcing, a business does not have to pay its staff to operate an entire payroll department. By choosing to outsource to a service provider having expertise in payroll can help your company to save a lot of money, resources, and production time. Further, your company can focus on your core specialty.

BPO Outsourcing Companies

Case Study 2: Software application development or maintaining IT infrastructure is another example where several businesses outsource their activities to outside agencies or consultancies. It ensures that your computer servers are up and running and delivers emails smoothly. It’s an economical way for any business that does not have to pay an entire in-house department – thus saving a lot on money and resources. Further, when it comes to software application development, outsourcing examples abound because, just like the previous example, you can rely on expert teams to make the product without needing to hire the right individuals to do so in-house.


Segmentation of BPO Services

Having understood BPO with the help of examples, we now realize its usefulness and benefits in reducing operational and employee costs, increasing security, and enhancing efficiency. You need to know about the categories and types of outsourcing – it can help you in shortlisting the best outsourcing entity for your business.

Categories of Outsourcing - Outsourcing call center services can help your business in saving costs required for manpower and infrastructure. You do not have to invest in staff training or spend on expensive software. Alternately, you can divert these funds and resources for improving your core business processes.

Types of Outsourcing - There are three types of business process outsourcing – Offshore, nearshore, and onshore. Offshore outsourcing is about hiring an agency or consultancy that is overseas. Nearshore outsourcing is when you contract your work to an agency or consultancy in a neighboring country. Onshore outsourcing is when you assign your tasks to another business within your own country.

Call Center – A Subset Of BPOs

We have often seen the use of the terms BPO and Call Centre used interchangeably. However, there’s a difference between the two. BPO companies perform back-office functions like customer support or accounting for their clients, whereas call center companies purely and exclusively handle telephone calls. That’s why you may even consider call centers to be a subset of BPO.

Now, how do you define a call center? A centralized office or department that receives or transmits large volumes of inquiries via telephone is called a call center. An inbound call center is operated by a company to administer incoming product or service support or information inquiries from consumers.

Types of Call Centers

Types of Call Centers

There are three types of call centers – Inbound, Outbound, and Virtual. These three types are again divided into domestic and international call centers depending on whether they make and receive calls from within the same country or outside it. An inbound call center employs agents for receiving calls from customers and focuses on providing telephonic assistance to them – either solving issues or giving the necessary instructions. Further, inbound centers provide email response or chat support.

An outbound call center, unlike an inbound call center, employs agents to make calls to potential or existing customers. Outbound call centers are usually concerned with making sales, promotions, and customer surveys using telephones. Some businesses choose to welcome new customers with welcome calls and provide them further information.

The virtual call center is a combination of inbound and outbound call center services. These call centers are cloud-based that operate from anywhere – it’s easy and quick to set it up. To access this service, you only need a computer or a phone with an internet connection. The advantage of the virtual call centers is that you can integrate them with your existing CRM or sales support tools.

Leading Call Center Companies in India

The customer is the king is a famous phrase that does rounds in the marketing world. The main goal of any business is to give customer satisfaction. The effective way to achieve it is through the timely transfer of information. And, call centers are efficient in offering assistance and achieving this goal. Some well-known and leading call center companies in India include Genpact Limited, 3i Infotech, TCS BPO, IBM Daksh, Infosys BPO, Wipro BPO, Firstsource Solutions, Aegis, WNS Global Services, and 24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd.

Are you wondering why the call center companies discussed are a cut above others? Well, all the companies mentioned have a global operational presence and are part of Nasscom. Offering top-class services that include customer care, technical support, and product sales support have enabled these companies to stand out from others. However, being multinational companies, their typical service charges are pretty higher – that’s keeping in line with global standards!

Why Businesses Outsource to Call Centers?

How to Choose the Best BPO Call Center

The most influential driver for any business is customer engagement. Call centers offer many benefits that include a trained workforce, round the clock service, cost benefits, rich domain knowledge, and advanced technologies. All these are reasons for any business to outsource their calling services to specialized and trusted call center service providers.In the late ‘90s, American companies outsourced their call center and BPO services outside their country that enabled them to cut on their operating costs and increase efficiency. And, it’s heartening to note that India was among the first few countries to accept the challenge then. Since then, Indian call centers have successfully gained the confidence of organizations around the world. Today, several Fortune 500 companies have their offshore call center presence in India. The main reason for this is the flexible government policies, great communication networks, low wages, and skilled English- speaking workforce.

Call centers have the right expertise and experience in handling customer support processes. They specialize in greeting customers. Cost savings and improved quality being the main reasons for companies to outsource call center services to India, the packaged solutions offered by call centers make it easy for companies to outsource their calling services. That’s a win-win situation – for the call center and the business that hires its calling services.

How to Choose the Best BPO Call Center

It’s never an easy decision to outsource your calling services. However, operating an in-house contact center involves investment in technology and staffing. So, it could make sense for some companies to outsource the call center services. Let’s find out how you can choose and shortlist the best BPO call center service provider from the many that exist today.

Understand Services Offered

You should know your requirements as most call center service providers categorize their service offerings into inbound and outbound. If you are looking for marketing campaign services, tracking its success is a must, that’s why you should ensure there’s a reporting feature. The success of the campaign can feature extending to script development. You should ensure that the service provider offers a knowledgeable and professional service.

Ensure Security Features

Call center services offered over the cloud are faster and cheaper compared to in-person offerings. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider a call center service provider that works within the cloud. However, you need to ensure that the security measures surrounding the disaster recovery and redundancy are in place. For a smaller number of calling agents, an on-premise service provider will suffice. However, for a larger number of agents in multi-sites, the cloud-based vendor is the best one for your business.

Integration Compatibility

Integration is an important aspect to consider when choosing your call center service provider. Usually, most call center representatives are well-experienced in integrating with any business. By ensuring that the call center you intend to hire integrates with your business can make sense. It makes integration with any software tool, hardware, or information-sharing technology much comfortable. And, meeting the personnel or representatives whom you are likely to work and interact with after signing the contract can also prove to be beneficial in choosing your ultimate call center service provider.

Volume Limits and Location

There are call centers that need a minimum volume that’s required before they undertake your assignment. Be sure about the calls you expect to receive or make each month. Accordingly make your estimation. It’s a misconception that outsourcing is synonymous with offshoring! Outsourcing your call center services can be cost-effective - it enables you to handle your resources efficiently. An external provider could be either in your location or hosted inside a building managed by your partner, or virtual. Therefore, when choosing the best call center for your business, you need to know the functions that are most important to delegate along with your involvement with your call center service provider. You may consider virtual options if you need to staff large agents.

Friendliness and Compassion

The call center service provider that you choose should be compassionate – it is an important consideration to make, especially in the case of healthcare call center companies. Metrics like the length of the call or the number of calls made should take a back seat when it is the first call. The call center agents should be able to access account information easily. They need to give accurate information and be passionate and customer-friendly. – Your Partner in Need for all Your Call Center Requirements

The inadequacy of customer support by your in-house staff could lead to distancing you from your customers and prospects. If your business is at stake due to this lack of customer interaction, and if looking to outsource your call center activities, can help you! We can help you grow your business. Our call center phone-answering services can help you to give a smooth experience straightaway - leading to increased sales. We offer real-time reporting with cent percent recording facilities. Lower your cost per customer, and maximize your returns by availing of our efficient call center services. For more details, reach us at

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