It all started in January 2017, we have been succeeding in the field of Telecommunication through Messaging Services in the last 8 years (A KAPSYSTEM Enterprise – Bulk SMS Company).

Lessons Learned:

We found that the customers could be more efficiently benefited by means of speaking to them over the phone in real time explaining the product or service in detail lively along with the messaging (texting) them on their inbox.

Experienced Talk:

Then after we thought of doing the marketing activities through Call Centers and found that there were very minimal Call Center in the Market which provides service for the SME Segments & Startup.

Our Initiative:

In that case, we came up with the idea of building our own Call Center solutions. By the dedicated efforts put forth by Mr. Ananth Prasath, Mrs. Krishna Priya and Mr. Jaitin Singh, the dream came true and we started the process of developing our own nest.

Our Solution:

By our everlasting hope and destiny to build a strong foundation for the company we analyzed round-the-clock and designed the infrastructure. By coordinating with strong IT Professionals and the Networking Masters we built our own Data Center that has the capability of making 50,000 Calls Per Day.

Our Beginning:

The company was successfully established by March 2017. Since then we have served a lot of valuable customers and got their good feedbacks which helped us to have firm root in this service. Their reference got us many projects and we have been successfully running the organization with the vision to deliver business to all the segments in the Industry. The words and needs of the clients have been delivered to the customers with all the values and accordingly the relationship is built between our Clients and their respectful customers.