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Best Call Center Service Provider In India

Best Indian Call Center has been helping the companies to deliver the best customer service. Being it's our core competency, we made "Our Quality" like this,
it is more than just a promise/assurance of making our clients reach the heights of success by rendering the best of customer service at all times.

bpo mission


Our mission is to surpass at being the best support to our customers by understanding their requirement & providing high level intuition to make them excel in their business performance.



Our vision is to provide the best experience for our valuable clients in the call centre industry, By making them get the maximum satisfaction through meeting their expectations.



Our quality is more than just a promise/assurance of making our clients reach the heights of success by rendering the best of customer service at all times.

About Call Centers and BPO ( Business Process Outsourcing Companies )

Very often, there is a confusion between a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and a Call Center. When it comes to a BPO, it’s an organization that performs a process or a part of it for another business organization. This type of outsourcing helps to save on costs and gain in productivity. On the other hand, a call center performs that activity of a business that involves only handling telephone calls - exclusively. To put it in simple words, call centers are centralized departments that handle phone calls to or from current customers and prospects. A call center may either be located within a business or outsourced to another company that specializes in handling calls.

A call center can be categorized into three types - Inbound call center, Outbound call center, and Virtual call center. The inbound call center, as the name suggests, receive calls from customers. On the other hand, the outbound call center, makes a call to prospects or existing customers. The third type of call center -the virtual call center, combines the services of inbound and outbound call centers. They can be operated from anywhere, and it is quite easy and quick to set them up. The biggest advantage of virtual call centers lies in the possibility to integrate your CRM or other sales support systems. Further, the above three types of call centers can be classified into domestic and international call centers. While domestic call centers make and receive calls from prospects or customers within the same country, international call centers receive and make calls to prospects or customers from all over the world.

Why Outsource Call Center Services?

Customers will want to talk to you if they believe you can solve their problems. - Jeffrey Gitomer

The business world firmly believes in the tab, ‘customer is the king’, and no business wants to lose their customer. There are many enterprises whose businesses are at stake due to insufficient customer support. Call Center services, as the name suggests, are primarily voice-based services; they help to bridge the gap between a business and its prospects leading to increased sales. In this article, we will try to understand the necessity of outsourcing call center services.

In-house Call Center Vs Outsourced Call Center

Whether you are a service-oriented company or a product-based one, customer satisfaction is always your top priority. Prompt and professional responses help to retain customers and convert prospects. Depending on whether your business is an established one, or a start-up, or in an expansion mode; you can accordingly opt as your call center option.

Inhouse Call Center: Any business that owns and operates its call center by itself is referred to as an in-house call center. What it means is that the business has its in-house team that takes care of the software and hardware installation, configuration, and maintenance.

Outsourced Call Center: Any business that utilizes the call center facilities of another company that specializes in offering its services, is referred to as an outsourced call center. Businesses that cannot afford or don’t want to spend on hiring employees to call or receive calls, and further spend time and money on training employees, and implement different technologies; outsourcing a call center works out to be the best and cheapest option.

Advantages of Outsourcing Call Center Services

In-house Call centre or Outsourced Call centers both have their pros and cons! It’s up to any business to make an informed decision regarding its call center - whether to have an in-house or to outsource, it’s entirely your business decision. The pros and cons of each call center service type are discussed below that will enable you to take that informed decision!

Disadvantages of In-house Call Center

The in-house call center involves taking care of every aspect – be it training staff or implementing infrastructure. All this incurs the company huge costs. And, even after implementing and put in place the call center, it’s not the end of the story! Maintenance of technology is always an on-going need, and staff strength has to be monitored periodically. A change in the internal or external environment may interrupt the business, and this risk could bring in a long-term impact on the support quality delivered to prospects.

Advantages of an Outsourced Call Center Company

The biggest gain in outsourcing a call center lies in its cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing a call center can enable a business to concentrate on its core activities - sales, production, or distribution. Indirectly, it facilitates to focus on productivity. When a business outsources its call center activity, it’s like agreeing to share risks - all this ensures the business to get the much-needed security and support in a challenging scenario. Other advantages of outsourcing include the reduced need to source a competent staff, and the ability to ramp up the size when there is a sudden spike in the business volume – in short, that’s scalability.

call center service provider in India

Popular Benefits of Outsourcing Call Center Services

Outsourcing of call centers is a trend fast catching up - the business world widely acknowledges the fact that companies are healthier when they outsource. By outsourcing a call center service, it’s possible to achieve flexibility. You can operate global operations, and entering into new markets becomes possible. Acquiring additional skills that your business does not possess, and obtaining multi-lingual proficiency is all possible – thanks to outsourced call center services! There are many benefits associated with outsourcing call center services – it saves your business valuable time and productive resources. Its benefits can be summarized is the below points.

Why Outsource Call Center Services?

Enables to Save on Resources - Outsourcing call center services can help your business in saving costs required for manpower and infrastructure. You do not have to invest in staff training or spend on expensive software. Alternately, you can divert these funds and resources for improving your core business processes.

Access to Specialized skills - Outsourcing call center services allows you to get access to experienced professionals with specialized skills which, otherwise would have been a difficult task..

Cost-Effectiveness - Call center service providers in India are known to offer quality services at affordable rates. It can save your business from incurring operational costs.

Improves Bottom-line – Outsourcing can help to increase the profits of your business. It can help to improve your business transactions in terms of quality, performance, and productivity.

Many call center service providers who also have expertise in email support services, chat support services, telemarketing, data provides, and so on. Taking into account your business needs and budget, it’s always advisable to make an informed business decision before taking the plunge!

We provide the Following Services

Inbound Call center India

Inbound Call center services

Outbound Contact center services

Outbound Call Center Services

Call Answering services

Call Answering Services

Billing and Enquiry Inbound Call Solutions

Billing and Enquiry Services

inbound call center outsourcing

Toll Free Services

order processing services

Ordering and Processing Services

inbound call center outsourcing

Claim and Reimbursement Services

help desk inbound call center solutions

Help Desk Support, many more….

We Offer the Following Indian Call Center Services


Inbound Call Centre

The most important role of an organisation is to never miss out the client who comes forward to enquire the service or product.


Outbound Call Centre

It has been a great challenge for the companies to contact the right customer at the right time.

Web Support

Chat Support Services

For the companies, it becomes headache to answer all the Customer chat and email Queries that too on-time.

Why Choose Call Center India

number one company India


  • We serve you as the Golden Egg Laying Goose, henceforth save your Golden Calls.
  • Save your efforts by training one of us and watch how it gets multiplied.
  • Frequent Performance Checks & the Best Customer Relationship Management made us one among the Top Trusted Companies in the Market. that is why , we are one of the best call center service provider in India


  • Our Quality Assuring Officers will be dedicatedly serving you with all the goodwill.
  • Our Advanced Call Barging and Monitoring Services will enable us to have the track of the process.
  • Mock Call habitat and on-floor training will help the agents to provide a quality assured service to the customers.


  • Our specially developed Skill Based Report has a wide aspect in meeting the customer needs.
  • Script Analysis, Modulation and Pitching based on the Customer�s Interaction make us stand in the front line.
  • Our call centers Report and Analysis Team maintains a cordial relationship with each and every one of the customers and makes them feel happy for choosing us.


Call Centers in India are widely known as contact centers, dial centres, point of contact. The major role played by the call centers are handling all the telephonic conversations, mail conversations and chat conversations of various firm's clients.
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Inbound and Outbound Contact Center Services by Industry

Call Centres are widely known as Contact centers, point of contact. The major role played by the call centers is handling all the telephonic conversations, mail conversations and chat conversations of various firm's clients. In a call center lakhs of calls will be answered on behalf of the clients. The calls would be related to different functions like enquiry, complaints, payments, verifications, etc. In simple words, call centers would act as the voice of the companies, which will help in bringing a major progress of the company.

financial companies

Since the demand for the Exceptional Customer Service(BPO Services) is rising constantly, the call centers play a very vital role here. There are number of companies who are striving hard to give best customer service experience to the customers. These could be a drastic hike in impressing the customers via Call Center Services for the Insurance Companies.

We at the are here to build a bridge between the Insurance Companies and the customers by offering the following services.

  • Data Verification Services
  • Validation Services
  • Appointment Fixing
  • Upselling
  • Telesales Services
  • Complaint Handling
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Loyalty Programmes and many more…

Call Centers have been the pillar of strength for many Industries. ( bpo in bangalore ) helps in expanding the best support to the end users as well as uplifting the management in a better way. Best Offers are also inclusive for the benefit of organization.

In a Good Healthcare Center – Patients are taken care well! can fulfil the expectations of the patients. We offer you such Healthcare Centers where in, the patients can be sure of getting a non-stop care and attention from us. The services we offer are,

  • Appointment fixing
  • Regular check-up
  • Following up the Customers(Patients)
  • Billing And Payment
  • Complaints Management
  • Enquiry Management
  • Awareness Programs and many more…
banking sector

Call Centers are one of the foremost point for interaction with the customers which in turn will lead them for opting for Financial Products and Services.

Outsourcing the BPO Call Centers in Banking and Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Sector is growing drastically amidst difficulties as they move from dealing with transactional activities such as enquiry calls, to addressing more tuff issues like sales and purchase related activities.

Our call center outsourcing services always focus on quality and provides high end customer service for the Banking and Financial activities such as

  • Debt Collection Reminders
  • Complaint Registration
  • Enquiry Management
  • Transactional Management
  • Data Verification and many more…
real estate

Real Estate is one of the fastest growing industries which constantly looks for a way out for promoting its products at a very low cost. The best solution for this problem is to get connected to a call center.

Getting connected to customers via call centers would be helpful in avoiding negative conversations and it would also be helpful in understanding the exact interests and requirements of the customers. is one of the well versed customer service call center which would provide to the needs of the real estate agent and the customers. They would play a major role in uniting the real estate company and the end users by providing the below services;

  • Sitting time fixing with the clients
  • Plot or flat booking
  • Promotional support / telemarketing
  • Customer service
  • Loyalty rewards program support
  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Market research and data collection and many more…
government agencies

Generally consumers would like to experience the flawless Customer Service from the Government Agencies like the way they get it from the Non-Government Sectors.

It is necessary for the public to be aware of the services available for their welfare. May it be awareness programs / social programs, visa or passport processing, call for jobs etc., the individuals who are in need of these information’s would be able to reach you and enquire about it.

Our Company is One of the best call center in bangalore and we are well equipped in giving most effective service at a reasonable cost to the customer’s worldwide. We will satisfy the expectations of the customers by providing the inbound and outbound communications . Our Service include,

  • Email Services
  • Chat Support
  • Appointment fixing
  • Messaging Services
  • Customers Service
  • Campaigns and many more…

In any industry retaining a customer is very essential, but in e-commerce it is much more than that, one needs to fill the hearts of the clients with extraordinary happy and satisfied experiences with your service, to make them stay with you for a longer duration which would turn out to be one of the most vital reasons for the growth of business. With the help of a call centre company you can retain your customers by keeping them satisfied to the maximum level. is the right call centre solution for the e-commerce industry, where the customer would be treasured by us. We promise to give the best of customer support and walk along with you till you reach the peak of success.

  • Market research and analysis.
  • Customer service
  • Order processing
retail industries

In today's Scenario the retail sector is undergoing a wide range of changes, due to which the industry is opting for the BPO Services In India and call centre solutions. The retail stores in the present days are a way too different from the days of our forefathers. There is a drastic growth and change in the sector, to win over in this field one must adopt new methodologies in their business.

We are one of the Top 10 BPO Companies In Bangalore , India and we would surely give you the perfect support by walking with you all the way till you reach the heights of victory.

BPO Services Offered:

  • Product Support
  • Warranty support
  • Market analysis and data research
  • Customer support / service
  • Customer recognition

Why our company is number #1 out of Top 10 Call Centers in India?

Customers are the building blocks for any business. Whether you are a small or mid-sized company or a large enterprise; can support you with its assured and effective services. Our services include - Inbound Call Center Services, Outbound Call Center Services, and Web Support. is one of the best call-center in India. What makes it the best? Let’s then answer this for you!

  • Trusted Globally: is trusted by customers across the globe. Our frequent performance checking processes along with having the best Customer Relationship Management systems in place have made us the most trusted names in the market.

  • Offers Quality Service: has the best quality assurance personnel that serve with complete dedication and goodwill. Our advanced Call Barging and Monitoring Services enable us to track the ongoing processes. Further, our mock call habitat and on-floor training enable our staff to render quality service.

  • has developed a skill-based report that meets most of the requirements of our clients. Script analysis, modulation, and pitching that is based on customer interaction makes us stand out in the crowd.

  • Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competitors. The Time to Act is Now!

    We are in a fast-transforming digital world where call center operations do not solely depend on phone calls. With multi-channel support systems in place, they provide touchpoints across various digital means like data support, email lists, webchats, social media, video chats, etc. And, it is exactly this flexibility offered by call center service providers that are making businesses to turn to them. Moreover, it’s next to impossible to get this advantage in-house - affordably.

    Is your business at stake due to a lack of customer support? Is this lack of customer support distancing you from your prospects? can help you to bridge that gap! Our call center phone answering services have real-time reporting with cent percent recording facilities. You can immediately start experiencing increased sales with improved customer satisfaction. We can help you lower your cost per customer, and maximize your returns. For more details reach us at


    • " We have been associated with KAP Call Center by subscribing to their Outbound Telemarketing Services . We are extremely satisfied with their services and support from their team. We wish them all the best for the future. "
      Raj Sharma
      Senior Manager NOC & IT | Mukand Infotel (P) LTD


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